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The Stippling Makeup Brush + Stippling Technique

stippling brush by forde and handy


The Stippling Makeup Technique: Stippling is a makeup technique where a dotting motion is used to apply liquid foundation. Applying foundation and rotating the brush in feather-light circular motions until the makeup is blended flawlessly into the skin. This technique creates an airbrushed look that camouflages blemishes, textured skin, large pores, acne, redness, uneven skin tones, and blotchiness without the appearance of wearing a lot of makeup.


The Stippling Makeup Technique can not only be used for foundation, but blush, bronzer, pressed and loose powders, cremes, and highlighters. 


If The Stippling Makeup Technique is your preferred method of applying makeup, you may want to purchase a stippling brush or a buffing brush. Both brushes can be used in the same fashion with the same technique. The most notable difference being, the stippling brush having two sets of makeup bristles while the buffer brush has one set of densely packed bristles. Both brushes have a blunt, flat edge. The stippling brush, with bristles less dense and more feathery, gives a lighter foundation application coverage that must be built out in layers, whereas the buffer brush, having more densely packed bristles, gives double the foundation coverage on the first application.


stippling brush by forde handy

(Left) Buffer Brush - (Right) Stippling Brush


Forde + Handy will release their NEW collection of luxury gold makeup brushes in 2022. This collection will include a one-of-a-kind gold stippling brush with duo-tone vegan bristles. 



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luxury gold makeup brush set by forde and handy


About Forde + Handy Shop the Collection  |  Luxury Gold Makeup Brushes

A combination of her African-American family surnames, FORDE + HANDY is comprised of the founder’s father's name ‘FORD’, as well as her great-great-great grandfather's last name ‘HANDY’.


EMANUEL HANDY was a runaway slave who served with the 82nd Regiment of the U.S. Colored Troops, during the American Civil War. He ended his service as a second sergeant. He was also a representative at the 1868 constitutional convention, where he proposed a requirement for electors to have an “acceptance of the civil and political equality of all men.”


Forde + Handy is a manufacturer of luxury gold makeup brushes. 

Forde + Handy is located in Washington, D.C. 

Forde + Handy is a woman-owned, black-owned business. 

Forde + Handy has a beauty affiliate program.

Forde + Handy offers beauty marketing services.


Join the Forde + Handy affiliate program and earn $25 for every sale generated through your unique referral link.


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About the CEO 

Bianca Ford sought to fill a void in the beauty industry by offering niche luxury beauty products for women. In addition to providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind beauty products, she also wanted to ensure that she created a company that gave back to the community by creating opportunities for others to generate additional streams of income. In her free time, she supports entrepreneurs and small businesses by volunteering pro bono marketing services and business development services to women, the LGBTQ community, and BIPOC.


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